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25 October 2011 @ 01:21 am
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Welcome to Lima, Ohio... 1956.
Poodle skirts, muscle cars, greasers and the original rock & roll. The Lima of 55 years ago is a much happier, safer place than present day. In fact, it looks perfect... on the exterior. When five McKinley high school students wake up in 1956, they suddenly have perfect lives with perfect families but there's just one problem. How do they get home?

The seemingly perfect world of 1956 has it's faults, however. There are no iPods, CDs or cell phones. Computers are only for science fiction double-features at the drive-in and television is in black and white. Racism is ever-present, as is homophobia. Can those from present day influence the lives and the mindsets of their new peers and change things for the future?

The times may be different but being a teenager never really changes. There are still hormones and parents and school to deal with. So sit back, tune in, drop out and join us in the Lima of 1956 and see just what happens next.

Most Wanted: Artie Abrams, Blaine Anderson, Mike Chang, Tina Cohen-Chang, Quinn Fabray, Matt Rutherford, Nick Duval, Sugar Motta, Harmony

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