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22 March 2010 @ 02:39 pm
Just A Little Change  
Title: Just A Little Change
Author: xbelle89x
Prompt: 146- Puck/Brittany- "A penny for your thoughts."
Rating: Pretty tame, tamest you'll get, probably. Cutesy, fluffy.... PG? I'm awful at ratings.
Characters: Puck, Brittany, minor mentions of everyone else.
Warning: Minor swears.
Disclaimer: I do not own Glee or its characters. If I did, I'd probably be in the same situation as Quinn. I mean.... yum. Puck.
Summary: He couldn't not be nice to her.

Things fell quickly back into a proper schedule after the fallout. It was a month after the entire McKinley High Glee Club had found out that Puck was the father of Quinn’s baby. Rachel had quickly forgotten about the whole incident (after some moping that Finn hadn’t fallen into her open arms, of course,) and returned to her drill sergeant-like self-appointed leadership of the club. They had placed first at sectionals, thanks to Finn showing up at the last minute- there was no telling what kind of jokes they would have been had they gone on with Jacob Ben-Israel.

And frankly, he wasn’t sure he wanted to know. Things were as normal as they were going to be for a while. Leaning back in one of the small plastic chairs in the choir room, Puck surveyed his surroundings closely. Rachel and Finn were intently looking over the sheet music Mr. Schue had given them the week before, wanting to jump right into practice for regionals. Quinn sat silently in a corner, her hand poised gently over her growing baby bump. Tina was reading something… Puck couldn’t see exactly what, but it looked like homework. Artie was talking to the band. Mercedes and Kurt were hunched over Mercedes’ Blackberry, undoubtedly reading the latest gossip. The seats in the back that would eventually be occupied by Mike and Matt were still empty- the footballers were late as usual. Santana was glaring at Quinn- more directly, at Quinn’s stomach. Since it had become known that Puck was the father, she had seemed almost annoyed that he had dared to fool around with anyone but her. Brittany? Brittany was usually talking to Santana before Glee, but given Santana’s intense concentration on Quinn, Brittany was doing the same.

But, Puck noticed, Brittany’s face was different than Santana’s. It definitely wasn’t angry, but beyond that, he couldn’t read into it. Before he even realized it, he’d gotten up from his seat and made his way across the choir room, slipping into a random empty seat next to Brittany. “Britt,” he acknowledged her.

She turned to him. “Hmm?” she muttered absentmindedly.

He smiled at her, quickly shaking his head afterward. Noah Puckerman just doesn’t smile. “Penny for your thoughts?” he suggested.

Brittany stared at him, not speaking. He chuckled, taking a piece of her hair into his hand. “Tell me what you’re thinking about, Blondie.”

“Oh,” Brittany sighed. “Just… I don’t know. Santana was looking at Quinn, so I am too. She looks mad, though… is she mad at the baby?”

Puck shook his head, chuckling at the clueless blonde. “No, Britt,” he laughed.

“Wait, I know!” Brittany smiled brightly. “She wishes she had a baby too, right?”

Puck saw Santana’s head quickly snap in their direction, and fought to find words to explain before Santana herself could. “She’s probably mad at me, Britt. I’m a screw-up. She thinks she’s special or something, like I’m not gonna see other girls. I don’t blame her though, I mean… I ruin lives…. I’ve ruined Quinn’s. And I want to be there for her, but she’s mad at me too. Everyone is.”

“I’m not mad at you.”

Something tugged at the corners of Puck’s mouth- damn it, he was smiling again. “Thanks, Britt, but I don’t deserve…”

He was cut short when Mr. Schue strolled in, right behind Matt and Mike, who had finally decided to show up. The rehearsal began, and Puck would have probably forgotten about the entire exchange already if he hadn’t still been sitting next to Brittany.

After rehearsal, Puck made quick work of leaving his seat, and the building, walking toward his truck. He was lifting himself into the driver’s seat when… “Puck, wait!” He turned his head to see Brittany running toward his truck.

“Need a lift home, Britt?”

“Nah,” she mused absentmindedly. “But you still owe me a penny.”

He thought about correcting her, but instead reached into his ashtray, where he kept his spare change. “Hop in, Britt.”

She got into the passenger seat and he dropped the penny into her hand. “Now about that ride home…”

The smile tugged at the corners of Puck's mouth again. He couldn't not be nice to her. After all, it was just a little change.
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